Islet Limited is a technologies company founded in 2012 to develop custom business solutions for healthcare businesses. We have logically evolved in our offerings with a product portfolio for Healthcare, finance and Academic institutions. Our range of custom business solutions put the operational needs of our customers ahead, with an objective problem solving approach, departing from the usual mode of business software acquisition of ready-made products that force businesses to adapt their processes to the systems.

Our philosophy is: “Building assured quality and target oriented modern technology”

The company comprises of professionals with extensive experience and exposure in Healthcare and Information Technology industries. We have consistently provided reliable support services to clients. We seek to establish ourselves as the preferred partner in Computing and Information Technology Services.

Our brand of products are known collectively as “Sternum Systems” which comprises the following applications:

Sternum Bursar

Key Features

Business units and Client group differentiation

Real time Credit and debit records

User profile management

Cashflow status of the business

Bulk periodic & individual collections (charge and collect)

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Sternum E-claims

Key Features

E-claims (paperless)

Biometric authentication

Analytics – based on standardized data for procedures, drugs, disease and Related financial information

Standardized workflows

Pre- authorization and Capitation capabilities

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Sternum Ultimate

Key Features

Credit and savings product set up and management

Business inventory management

Mobile access and transactions for clients

Data imports and exports to associated systems with enhanced analytics services

Branch and multiple tier user operations

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Sternum Spark

Key Features

Maintain accurate student, staff, teacher and parent records

Make data entry and retrieval as easy as possible

Provide analysis for different sets of data

Provide stakeholders access to the system.

Enable maintenance of library books online.

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