Sternum Bursar

Shifting focus to core business activities that drive performance and growth.

Sternum Bursar is a transactional documentation and reconciliation platform that improves cash flow management and business collections and payouts.


Academic institutions

Financial organizations - micro-finance, saccos

Rental property managers

Key features

  • Bulk periodic & individual collections (charge and collect)
  • Documentation – Invoice and receipt vouchers (sent by mail or what’s-app)
  • Supplier and expense listing
  • Documentation - Invoice uploads and payment vouchers
Cashbook Reconciliations
  • Real time Credit and debit records
  • Net business position calculations
  • Bank and Mobile transacting accounts reconciled against transacting and client accounts

Mobile Compatibility


Enhanced cash flow management

Resource efficiency in reconciliation process.

Improved customer relations

Predictability in growth and planning

Accurate and real time business records

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